What is Property Management?

For those of you who do not know what property management is, here is a simple definition:

Property Management is the process by which property owned by an individual including the fittings and fixtures, equipment, tools and other associated assets are managed. The Property Manager will oversee the control and operation of the property, including repair and maintenance of the same.

Property Management is an ideal scheme for those landlords who do not have the time to manage all matters related to renting out his/her property. It also serves those who are looking out for renting a villa/apartment by offering good properties to view, shortlist and rent; takes care of all documentation and legal formalities, and so on.

Benefits for Owners

The Property Manager or agency will take care of renting or leasing out the property to good tenants and will also undertake all matters related to the maintenance, repair and overseeing of the place. This is very convenient and hassle-free and also increases the rate of tenant retention.

They also undertake duties such as –

  • Screening the prospective tenants
  • Ensuring the implementation of all legal requisites involved in renting or lease contracting the property.
  • Maintenance of all equipment, fittings, furniture and other fixtures, within a specified budget.
  • Maintaining all documents and records that are required for legal as well as taxation requirements.

SANGAU Property Management and Rental  offers exemplary benefits to property owners. These include:

  • Regardless of the fact that the property is rented out or not, the firm will oversee the maintenance of the same.
  • The tenants will be screened and only the right tenants who meet the owner’s approval are processed further.
  • Ensures that the property is quickly rented out.
  • Has in-depth knowledge of all legal and tax requirements and will take care of the same.

Benefits for Tenants

Facing any trouble during your tenancy? You don’t have to break a sweat since the property management agency takes care of it all. Not just the owners, but the tenants also benefit from availing a rented house from a reliable property management company.

Property management companies like SANGAU Property Management and Rental, offer exciting benefits for tenants like-

  • Zero brokerage fee
  • Zero documentation charges
  • Zero service charges on maintenance
  • Free property viewing, etc.

This reduces the overall costs which is otherwise incurred by a tenant and also saves a lot of time and effort from their end.