10.2% of the Service Charges to SANGAU is the tax amount payable to government. For more information please visit www.servicetax.gov.in

Service Charge payments are made for 12 months at a time. Service Charge payments for the current financial year is done after 31st March of the same financial year.

Caution Deposit is towards incidental expenses that may occur from time to time at your apartment / villa. This amount is refundable at the time of termination of the contract with the apartment / villa owner.

YES. To our Bangalore Bank Account.

YES. If you are already a member of SANGAU, you are entitled to 3 months of Free Service when your referral is positive. If you are not a member, we still would like to thank you and give you a token of appreciation (Rs 1,500) when your referral is positive.

The apartment / villa owner is always kept up to date with matters regarding his/her apartment / villa via email. Document correspondences, when necessary, are by courier at owner expense

In essence by signing a contract the apartment / villa owner authorizes SANGAU to only manage and maintain the apartment / villa. If you are interested in our property management services we shall assist you with further details.

All money transactions to and from the tenant are directly with the apartment / villa owner into his/her Bangalore bank account.

NO. We strive to keep the apartment / villa occupied as much as possible throughout the year. The notice period for termination of a rental agreement is 2 months and during this period we search for prospective clients such as to minimize vacancy days, if any.

YES. We help obtaining Khata for apartments / villas managed by SANGAU.

YES. We attend to service calls within 48 hours of receipt of a complaint.