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Worried about your unused Property? SANGAU is here to help you

From the very beginning of our existence, we stay very conscious and apprehensive of our habitat. When it comes to migration, we become a little more nostalgic and homesick. Even if we go out of town for a few days only, we keep thinking about our possessions. How about leaving your place permanently and settling down to a far place from where the maintenance of the property is next to impossible? Have you ever experienced heebie-jeebies regarding the property left vacant after moving abroad? Probably yes. It’s quite obvious for property owners to be worried about the care and maintenance of their possessions. This is exactly what Mr Binu Prakash had gone through while staying abroad.

Obviously, the problem was not only limited to him. He found that there were many Bangaloreans NRI dying to get a robust and perpetual solution. His long stay in the overseas came handy and that’s how he decided to foray into the Property Management domain. SANGAU was founded in the year of 2007. It takes care of all your complications related to the property. Although the concept was not much in trend, his earlier meetings and interactions with many Property Management experts in foreign countries helped him gain the insight and knack required.

Slowly and steadily, SANGAU started tasting success by becoming the primary spot for property owners in Bangalore. Not only for rental properties, but it also chalked out the solution for owners who were not willing to rent out their homes by providing effective caretaker services.

At present, the company provides two types of property management services. The first service which it provides acts as a bridge between tenants and owners. The second service is more of a custodian that includes providing regular property inspections, preventive maintenance and statutory payments just to name a few.

Differentiating Factors

Over a period of time, numerous “fly by night” Property Management operators have emerged in the market. However, when taken into consideration the extent and pliability of quality deliverables, these operators become clueless. One of the main reasons is why such operators who claim to have exposure to property management back out in the testing times. SANGAU’s approach is driven by yielding personalized services to clients – owners or tenants. Apart from this, what makes SANGAU different from its peers are its customized packages of services named BASIC and PREMIUM.

Striking a chord between owners and tenants

The company acts as a bridge between the owners and tenants. It makes sure that every rent agreement signed by SANGAU is precisely between the owner and tenant. SANGAU does not sub-let an owners property and we do not manage service apartments/villas. Moving ahead if we talk about its premium package, as the name suggests, it provides more services when compared to the Basic package. Premium package includes Rent management apart from the Basic package. The Rent management includes advertising property for rental, finding a suitable tenant, maintenance services during a tenancy, vacancy inspection and settlement of security deposit payment.

The most striking feature of the company is its policy of no property viewing charges for tenants when they visit properties. Moreover, it does not charge broker fees and there are no hidden costs when tenants occupy the property. Not only this, all the documentation work is done free of cost. SANGAU’s services are not limited to providing property to tenants. It yields fruitful services to the tenants even after that. During tenancy, the tenant has access to a dedicated SANGAU staff who resolves their maintenance issues.

The outstanding services provided by SANGAU have given it many repeat customers. Many of these customers include people who once took services pertaining to tenancy. They remembered SANGAU for its excellent services and returned for property management services while moving out of Bangalore after becoming a property owner.

The company strives towards maximum occupancy. It has had a terrific occupancy rate maintained over 94%. The company persuades property owners so that they could reap the benefits of their unused properties.

Milestones and Achievements

The company featured in one of the business magazines in a coveted list of “10 Most Promising Property Management Companies in India – 2017” It completed 10 years of its operations last year.

It got felicitation from yet another business magazine. The article was titled “Delivering Commitment and Trust in the arena of Property Management & Rent Management: SANGAU’s decade journey”

Future Plans

It strives to search the commodious home for tenants of their choice. It aims to leave no stone unturned to ensure a pleasant stay for them. Moreover, SANGAU is looking forward to serving more clients in Bengaluru and an expansion plan is also doing the rounds to operate in several Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities. Maximum property occupancy and Maintenance operational efficiency will continue to be the core areas of its focus to enable it to retain and improve a high level of satisfied customers. The company is en route to be the Biggest Residential Property Management Company in India.

Meet the founder: Mr Binu Prakash

He has 20 years of industry experience in the domains of IT and Real Estate. His IT experience working in MNC’s in several countries include The Netherlands, Qatar and France and is spread across diverse industries such as Services, Semiconductors and Oil & Gas. He is also a founding member of Virgin Dreamzz, an organization devoted to the development of Natural & Organic Farm Resorts in Tamil Nadu.

Words of wisdom

Mr Prakash shared some of his learning, which he gained through colossal experience. This erudition can prove to be fruitful for budding entrepreneurs and young leaders. He advises entrepreneurs not to take heed of people who have literally no idea about your vision. These people try to dissuade you from every nook and corner of your journey. Rather than being deflected, stay focused. In addition, he advises entrepreneurs to take proper care of employees as they represent the company and are the organisation’s face to your clients.

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