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Taking Care of Homes

Home is where the heart is! A dream home is everyone’s desire and maintaining it is a responsibility of those who reside in it. Wherever and however far one goes, one yearns to come back home. But, in today’s globetrotting world, maintaining a home while being away from it deters many to actually buy one and settle down. Many times, people have to be away from their home in order to have better opportunities or explore the world. This is when they get worried about their home and its maintenance.

Converting Challenges into Opportunities

While some look at a challenge, like a problem, few take them as opportunities. So when Binu Prakash had to move out of Bangalore, India, in 2005 to meet the demand of his then job, he found himself in a similar situation. He needed someone to take care of his property in Bangalore. Further exploration regarding the options made him realize that he is not alone. There are others, like him, living out of India and having a hard time maintaining their unoccupied homes. His interaction with people in India and with property management companies abroad got him an insight into the issue.

With better understanding, learning and a fair idea about practices that he would have loved to have availed at home, Binu laid the foundations of SANGAU in 2007 and started offering professional Property Management & Rent Management services in Bangalore. When the property owner was not interested to rent out his home the company helped them with regular property inspections, preventive maintenance, and statutory payments.

Finest Services

SANGAU has crafted Property Management Services for owners and tenants. For Property Owners, there are two types of services based on their preference of opting for rentals– Basic and Premium. The basic package includes regular property inspections, preventive maintenance, and statutory payments. The premium package contains the basic package services and rent management. The services involve tasks such as taking care of the property, doing maintenance work, advertising property for rental, finding a suitable tenant, maintenance services during the tenancy, vacancy inspection and settlement of security deposit payment.

For Tenants, SANGAU provides a wide choice of properties based on their needs. There are no property viewing charges, broker charges, fees or commissions. Documentation is free and there are no hidden costs to a tenant when occupying the property. The tenant has access to a dedicated manager who resolves their maintenance issues. Tenants are expected to remain in harmony with the rest of the neighborhood and be prompt in their rent payments and payments to Resident Owners Association through SANGAU staff to ensure a smooth functioning and a healthy relationship.

SANGAU’s Work Culture

Binu Prakash heads a sixteen member staff performing various functions. All property maintenance operations are outsourced to SANGAU certified vendors who adhere to its process for a cost-effective and timely delivery as per its quality requirements. The company ensures its consistent work by using checklists, templates, staff performance measurement using client feedback and more.

It follows a very transparent rent payment process and owner’s approval of the tenant is a mandate before renting out the property. Every rent agreement signed by SANGAU is directly between the Owner and Tenant. All property maintenance expenses to the owner are on actual bills and there are no additional charges or hidden costs. Its revenue model is service based. So when a property is managed with rental, its service charges are a percentage of the rent income received by the owner. And, when a property is managed without rentals there is a fixed monthly charge.

Making its Own Way

Property Management market is very dynamic as pointed out by Binu Prakash. Small companies are cropping up everywhere but quality work is not seen. With the changes in regulations by the Government, the Real Estate field is burdened which tells on firms managing properties. But he sees consolidation in the coming years and better deals for the property buyers.

SANGAU, with its years of experience and personalized approach, definitely holds an edge over its competitors. The personal touch it provides via dedicated property managers is much convenient than dealing with call center executives to report a problem. It makes sure that their clients – owner & tenant – know their Property Manager and reach out to them for any property related issues. It also ensures that every aspect of property maintenance and management is taken care of and communicated promptly.

SANGAU is unique in its operation that it does not sub-let the owner’s property, unlike other property management companies. On subletting the property, the owner has no control of the profile of tenant (s) who will be occupying the property and also loses monthly rent income received from the company instead of directly from the tenant.

SANGAU’s efforts in its field have been recognized by its customers and many prestigious magazines. It was recognized as the “10 Most Promising Property Management Companies in India – 2017”, “Brand of the Month” and “Company of the month” by leading magazines.

The Tasks Ahead

SANGAU has a great market presence today and is focused on providing complete Property & Rent Management services for the residential property. As its future plan, it is looking forward to serving more clients in Bengaluru and later expanding operations to other Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities. Maximum property occupancy and Maintenance operational efficiency has been and will continue to be the core areas of its focus. The company is investing in systems and solutions to improve user experience online.

With an aim to become the Biggest Residential Property Management Company in India SANGAU is all set to make its presence felt on a larger scale. It strives to ensure maximum occupancy, bridge the gap between owners and tenants, and organize services in the real estate sector and thus provide employment.

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