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Delivering Commitment and Trust in the arena of Property Management & Rent Management: SANGAU’s decade journey

Delivering Commitment and Trust in the arena of Property Management & Rent Management: SANGAU’s decade journey

When Binu Prakash sailed out his entrepreneurial stint with SANGAU in 2007 as a Property Management & Rent Management services firm, the biggest hindrance was to explain to people what the term ‘Property Management’ meant! Management and Maintenance of a property seem quite an easy task to execute; true to some extent. But being a landlord isn’t for everyone while managing the basics like rent collection, maintenance, and evictions. However, when we speak scale and consistency of quality deliverables it isn’t easily achievable, which makes it more struggling for NRIs to keep a track of their estates. Yesteryears have caught sight of many property management companies sailing and sinking due to lack of experience in managing a property.

Being a prime mover in residential property management space for a decade now, SANGAU has gained expertise in the arena of rent management, property management and maintenance, and legal matters. As per the words of Binu, “Tenants who occupy a SANGAU managed property are very valuable to us. They are the reason for our existence and the reason the property owner gets a return on investment. In the last 10 years of our existence, I’m really proud to state we have never charged broker fees or commissions to any Tenant who has occupied a SANGAU managed property.

We are very unique in our operation as we have a policy of Know-Your-TenantAll our property ownersknow the tenant who has occupied their property and all financial transactions are transparent. SANGAU does not sub-let owner’s property.

The dedicated Property Manager for every tenant and owner

“Back in 2005, I shifted abroad due to my employment and needed someone in Bangalore to take care of my properties. The person was not required to be fully employed and this had its own challenges. During this time there were many others like me away from India and owned apartments in Bangalore which were not rented out. They did not know what to do but keep the property locked as there was no company they could approach for helping with managing their property. This kindled me to help property owners as well as a means to do my bit to organize services in the real estate sector. During my stay aboard, I have had the opportunity to interact with several property management companies. These learning have been very valuable and we have adopted many practices to suit our operations. It has been a very interesting journey so far.” elucidates Binu. Relieving Property Owners from the hassles of day-to-day details of operation to ensure a smoothly operating, profitable and appreciating real estate investment, SANGAU also caters to the need of Tenants to provide them with a decent and happy living with NO BROKERAGE and take care of all of their rental needs when it comes to staying peacefully in the home of their choice. Since its inception, SANGAU makes sure that each of its clients, Owner &Tenant – knows their Property Manager so they can reach out to them at any point in time for any property related issues.

Like any startup, their initial challenge was building trust, acquiring customers, funding and actual servicing; building trust among NRI customers was one of their topmost challenges. Today, a majority of SANGAU’s property owners are NRIs. “When one is away from India and have assigned the responsibility of managing their property to someone there is a lot of anxiety and eagerness to know progress in every little activity. Having a dedicated person for the property eases a lot of this pain for the owner. The staff ensures every aspect of property maintenance and management is taken care and communicated promptly. For tenants, the organization makes the move smooth where they can reach out to their property manager for any maintenance needs.

A decade of delivering ‘trust’

Headquartered in Bengaluru, SANGAU manages properties all across the city with a team of 16+ staff in various functions. The organization has a very strong pool of certified vendors for performing maintenance and they strictly adhere to the organization’s processes for a cost-effective and timely delivery as per the quality requirements. The digitalized structure and process helps SANGAU to ensure consistency of quality delivery every time. SANGAU’s notable achievements in the past include the closure of a phase of software systems development for centralizing its data for better process management and better client satisfaction. Recognizing the prowess of SANGAU, a leading Indian business magazine has crowned the organization among “10 Most Promising Property Management Companies in India – 2017”

Like a property that is self-occupied is not an asset, an unrented property is a dead investment for the owner. It is not about money always. Every house should breathe and for this, there should be occupancy. At SANGAU, the team strives to give maximum return on investment to the Owner by ensuring maximum occupancy. Being a pioneer in this segment, the organization knows the know-how of the property rental market cycles and trends and owners benefit from this knowledge

For Tenants, the organization provides a wide choice of properties to choose from based on their needs. There are no property viewing charges when a tenant has to visit a property. SANGAU staff liaises with Resident Owners Association on behalf of the owner and the tenant to ensure a smooth functioning and a healthy relationship. “We have had a No Broker Fees policy for 10 years now and we intend to keep it this way. We value our tenants and will not charge them when they occupy a SANGAU managed property.”

Road Ahead

Maximum property occupancy and Maintenance operational efficiency has been and will continue to be the core areas of SANGAU’s focus to enable them in retaining and improving a high level of satisfied customers. SANGAU is eyeing to expand their operations to tier I & tier II cities.The management is investing in IT enabled systems and solutions to improve user experience online for prospective tenants that will help them to make quicker decisions and minimize the number of property visits to finalize a home. For owners these systems help provide a one stop place for all their property management needs. SANGAU aims to be the Biggest Residential Property Management Company in India.

Founder’s Periscope

Binu Prakash


Holding two decades of industry experience in the domain of Information Technology and Real Estate, Binu also chairs as the founder member of Virgin Dreamzz (India) Pvt. Ltd. which is involved in Natural and Organic Farming. Binu also possess hands-on experience across various industries such as Services, Semiconductors and Oil & Gas in The Netherlands, France, Qatar, and India.

Words of Wisdom

  • In your journey as an entrepreneur, there will be many who will not really understand what you are trying to achieve and advice you from not doing so. Take no heed of such people.
  • Your business exists as you serve someone – your Client or Customer. Manage them and deliver on expectations if not better.
  • Your staff is important. They represent your company when they manage your Clients or Customers. Take good care of them.
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